Fly fishing in Oman – Exploratory Part 3

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Arriving at our next destination we set up camp on a secluded beach, Brandon had even fashioned me a kitchen, shower room and chill out area to watch the sunset….It was heaven.

With all the kit ready for the next day we had a BBQ on the beach and then retired to our tent under the stars listening to the lapping of the waves on the shore.

Camping in Oman, Exploring Oman, fly fishing, Brandon King, Clare Carter, Arabian Fly Sport Fishing, Arabian Fly

The next morning we headed for some of the surrounding beaches.Staring out to sea a moving shape caught my eye, swimming really slowly under the anchor line of a local fishing boat, so I stood and watched it for a moment. It was barely moving and the water was murky which made it hard to see what it was but I decided to put a cast out just in case. Alas my fly landed a little too close spooking the fish which slowly turned and swam out from under the boat towards the deeper water. I could hardly believe my eyes, it was a permit, in-between the fishing boats. Now my excitement levels were high so I pushed on down the beach, eyes fixed on the water.

By the afternoon we reached a beautiful expanse of crystal clear wadable flats that stretched out for about a kilometre. The tide was starting to push so we spread out and started to comb the flat. The waters looked fishy and were full of rays, sand shark and Mullet. Reaching a slightly rocky patch we could see a number of fish swimming ahead around the rocks. Both putting a cast out we started to strip the fly back towards us. In an instant the fish had gone from meandering slowly around the rocks to an accelerated charge at the fly, inhaling them within seconds. Reels screaming it required some quick thinking and immediate breaks to stop them heading back into the rocks and cutting us off. A few moments later and I had my first Omani Bream laying in my hand. What a fight they gave especially for their size, they were such fun on a fly rod.

The next day we travelled a little south of the camp to checkout some beautiful sandy beaches we had seen on our way past. I started on shore and Brandon waded out onto one of the flats towards some rocks. I had just finished the section of beach and was sitting watching him from the shore. He had gone into stalking mode and I imagined he must have seen some more Bream. Watching in amusement as he peered around the side of one of the rocks and, with his body hidden behind it, he start casting sideways into the sandy pool the other side. I saw a splash and his line went tight, as he came charging round the rocks trying to run in waste deep water with his line tearing off I could just make out a large silver outline as it attempted to escape out to sea, it was somewhat comical. Composing myself and stifling my giggles I realise he was shouting at me to get over there. Wading out towards him it looked as though he had finally got the fish under control. What is it I shouted as I got closer….PERMIT came the reply! Oh no, we were too far from shore so I was going to have to tail the fish for him. With Brandon’s encouraging words of “don’t mess this one up” or something similar yet more colourful I began my approach. The fish was a monster and it was not keen on being grabbed by the tail, however after a few heart pounding moments and a little bit of swearing I managed to subdue him and deliver him into Brandon’s arms. An absolute beauty he was around 15 pounds of pure Omani Gold!

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With a change of direction we headed north the next day to some more beautiful sandy beaches that seemed to stretch for miles. The water was sandy and clear that dropped back to a large strip of dark turtle grass. Half an hour into my walk and I could see what I would call nervous water ahead of me in the turtle grass. It was so dark that I wasn’t sure what exactly it was but as I got closer I could hardly believe my eyes, a huge silver tail broke the surface of the water. Stripping out some line I was relieved that Brandon always insisted on me tying a weed guard onto every fly as, by the looks of it, I was certainly going to need one. I waited for the tail or some movement so that I knew where to aim for. There it was again, this time I could just make out the outline of the fish, aggressively feeding on the turtle grass bottom. Quietly I cast out about 6 feet from his nose and let my fly sink. Finishing his meal he started to swim in the direction of my fly so I gave it a couple short strips, moving the fly along the bottom. Instantly he had seen it and came over to investigate, tail out of the water and a little tap on my fly I struck. It took him a second, which caught me slightly off guard, then he took off furiously across the turtle grass flat with the line slicing through my hand and onto the reel. Surprised I started to chase along the beach level with him reeling frantically. As he shot across a sandy patch and onto a lighter patch of turtle grass his silver body lit up with dark stripes I couldn’t believe it, it was a Golden Trevally and a nice size one too!

20141216-IMG_2257,Clare Carter, fly fishing in Oman, Golden trevally, fishing Oman, Arabian Fly Sport Fishing, Arabian Fly

Brandon was now by my side camera ready as I slowly gained control and started to bring him in. Finally at my feet I gently took his tail and released my reel drag, he was stunning. I love the way their mouths almost detach from their head, like a huge suction cup that shoots forward, I can quite imagine any crab or shrimp in the vicinity of these amazing fish when they are feeding has no chance of escape.
Holding him in the water we got a few pictures before I kissed him and sent him on his way. As one last act of defiance he gave a huge tail slap, soaking me before slinking back off to the turtle grass again.

Clare Carter, fly fishing in Oman, Golden trevally, fishing Oman, Arabian Fly Sport Fishing, Arabian Fly

Over the next few days we chased everything from permit to shad and landed some very nice size Omani bream that fought like a fish twice their size. It was a fishing paradise, with so many beautiful areas to explore and crystal clear water to fish.

Sadly every trip must come to an end but what a trip it had been. So we packed up,and with hearts full of excitement and heads full of fishy tales we said our goodbyes to the locals and we were on our way.

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