Fly fishing in Oman for all ages

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We had a new challenge this week, with a client and his children coming in to visit us to explore and experience the fly fishing in Oman. George was after an Omani permit and he was keen to get his son Nicholas (10 years old) and daughter Arabella (8 years old) into fishing. There was great excitement and many questions from the kids as they arrived and got settled in.

The first day both Brandon and George headed off in search of permit while the kids and I stayed near the hotel to practice their casting. The weather, tides, wind and water were perfect.
With the kids all kitted up and covered in sun screen we headed for the beach. In no time at all they were both casting their spinning rods like a dream and Nicholas had become quite adept at catching live crabs for bait. They were ready for the big day tomorrow!
The boys also had a great day and although they didn’t catch anything George got to see the beauty of the permit here and how they surf in to feed in shallow water. They had spotted 7 fish over the course of the day and had made a plan to head back to the same location the next day.


Day two was family day so with much excitement we piled into the car and all set of for the beach. The morning was spent scoping out the water, having casting lessons and mostly answering lots of questions from the very excited and inquisitive younger generation. As I set up lunch and the kids had a play on the beach I could see the boys were into something good by their body language. There was a lot of sprinting, crouching and changing direction. I saw George cast out and then strip strike, but nothing followed??? I later found out that, in his excitement, he had strip struck so hard that the leader had broken and the poor permit had been left stunned in the water before shooting off into the deep. After lunch Arabella went with the boys and Nicholas and I went off with a fly rod to practice his casting. He was very keen and the questions kept flowing and flowing, his enthusiasm was a real pleasure as I love to see the younger generation just starting to get the ‘fishing bug’.

George had managed to land his first Omani permit and was extremely chuffed, especially as his daughter Arabella had witnessed all the excitement. Nicholas was now getting the hang of a fly rod and had started to double haul as well which was also a great pleasure to see. It had been a very happy day on the water all round.


Brandon King, fly fishing in Oman, fly fishing for permit, Indo-Pacific permit, fishing Oman, fly fish Oman,Arabian Fly Sport Fishing, Arabian FlyThe last day had come round all too quickly, it was a boys bonding day so Brandon, Nicholas and George headed out to the beach while the girls enjoyed some pool time. It was to be Nicholas’s big day and he was certainly amped and ready. They set off down the beach rods at the ready with some fresh sardines from the local boats in search of a sand shark or a stingray as Nicholas was very keen on catching a ‘monster’. His dream certainly came true as Brandon got him hooked into a big ray, which took the both of them to land the fish, leaving one very happy boy! Later on in the day Brandon spotted a large sand shark feeding in the shallows so he had Nicholas cast out toward it. Within seconds the shark was onto the smell of the sardines and Nicholas’s strength was being put to the test again. He fought it like a champion and finally got the sand shark in for some pictures.

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A wonderful end to a few days fishing. George had landed his permit and Nicholas had landed his largest fish to date and was now completely hooked on fishing. A very special family bonding week for the Titley’s and a true delight for us to have them here and to fish with us! For more information about fly fishing in Oman contact us at

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