Lazy Sails and devious Dorado

arabian fly sport fishing, Oman, fishing, fly fishing, arabian fly, dorado, mahi mahiThe last week here in Southern Oman the water clarity has been exceptional with clean deep cobalt blue oceans, perfect conditions for offshore so we concentrated our efforts there.  The numbers of aggressive dorado are increasing rapidly…almost to the point of frustration, especially when you have just rebaited your teaser only to have it ripped apart by a pack of hungry bright green devils. If they carry on like this I fear that catch and release may turn into catch and punish, with a few ending up on the dinner table!

arabian fly sport fishing, Oman, fishing, fly fishing, arabian fly, dorado, mahi mahi

We were very optimistic after landing the first marlin on fly in the middle east a couple of weeks ago and subsequently raising another 2 more Marlin at the end of last week. One was too lazy to play and just hit the teaser a few times, but the other one came in hot, lit up and angry. Brandon teased it in perfectly and as he stopped the boat we made the switch but he completely ignored my fly and disappeared. He was a monster, his sheer size and aggression alone left me with the shakes.

We have also been seeing quite a few of my nemesis fish…the sail fish, jumping and free swimming…taunting me! One afternoon while trolling, the teasing rod started screaming. Brandon grabbed it and managed to wrestle it away from the fish. Out of the deep blue appeared not 1 but 3 beautiful sailfish, desperately vying for a tasty nibble. Boat stopped and the teaser out I cast my fly….this must be it, this must be my chance, it was a sure thing…right??? One after the other they came around and slashed at my fly, right at the back of the boat. It was like watching puppies squabbling over a new toy bone. The following few seconds were a blur with me trying desperately to set the hook and failing miserably as they played a game of fetch with my fly. Their beautifully lit up bodies circling and bumping each other, it was almost comical! Alas they grew bored and as quickly as they had appeared they disappeared back into the deep blue ocean….B***er

The following day was much the same. We came across a free swimming sailfish, lazily gliding down the swell towards us. They are so graceful and beautiful to watch on the surface as their tails slice through the water with such ease and agility. Upon seeing us his nose went down and off he slunk to the depths…ughhhh

arabian fly sport fishing, Oman, fishing, fly fishing, arabian fly, striped marlinThe afternoon was much more eventful with us landing 3 beautiful and extremely acrobatic Dorado. Heading for the teaser with a huge bow-wake like a torpedo and exploding at the back of the boat, their green and yellow bodies shining like a light bulb. But boy do they protest when hooked and they certainly do not like being held for photos. I had a rather delightful fish slap across the chops causing me to subsequently launch said fish back into the ocean…..not without a gleeful cheeky smirk from him on departure….I will get my revenge!

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