The Bonefish Whisperer and his Permit Queen

With the apocalyptic weather we have been having throughout the Middle east over the last week I was a little unsure of how the fishing in Southern Oman would be. In the last year I have seen rain…well small drops of water for all of 3 seconds maybe twice. This past week it has been […]

Quick little detour produces some Omani Gold!

We have spent the last 3 weeks fly fishing and exploring exciting new areas by boat in Oman. With so many thousands of kilometres of coast line and water to discover it has been an absolutely amazing trip for us but more on that soon. We just couldn’t resist a few days detour to one […]

Busting bait balls

We had the charming Terry out with us fishing in Oman this week and although the weather was some what challenging he had some awesome fishing experiences. The first three days were spent walking the beaches in search of permit. As luck would have it the first day brought bright skies and clear water with […]

A Scotsman…. fly fishing Oman

After what seemed like the longest summer ever the season had finally started….just not quite for us yet as we have been ensconced in the build of or new boat…..more about that soon. Excitement was high as we prepared for 10 days of fishing in Oman with our great friend and photographer Callum Conner. Callum […]

Fly fishing in Oman for all ages

We had a new challenge this week, with a client and his children coming in to visit us to explore and experience the fly fishing in Oman. George was after an Omani permit and he was keen to get his son Nicholas (10 years old) and daughter Arabella (8 years old) into fishing. There was great […]